We keep alive the Neapolitan artisanal traditions.
We believe in quality, not just in the products, but in the life of the person who made it.

Ciccio & Giovanni

Brothers Ciccio and Giovanni have been working with leather for the past 40 years and are obsessed with creating high-quality, handcrafted shoes and bags using century-old techniques and the finest materials.


Flaviana and her family have a long traditions working and manufacturing beautiful pieces of denim, creating jeans and jackets, but also dresses and shirts.

Massimo & Mario

From Solofra, souther Italy, the Italian main center for the tanning of leather Massimo & Mario have a deep knowledge of the best quality leather and how to create unique pieces.

Tessitura Calabrese

A family business dedicated to the art of fabrics, from the very south of Italy, Salento, the fabrics they create are made with fine yarns using electronic jacquard looms and, at the same time, artisan technicians recover from the skilful local processes.


A real artist of women’s bags, with years of experience working with the most important fashion firms.

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