Choosing the best Italian Leather

The first process in our design… choose only the best Italian Leather.

When it comes to creating, innovating and thinking about new designs, choosing the right leather is everything.

The Inkolives style is based on the type of leather that we choose. Inkolives doesn’t propose fancy printing and creative patterns, the style of our products is based on the shape and on the leather we choose for it.

In order to innovate and to give to our collection a range of colours, we’re always in search of new colors and new types of leather (only Italian Leather), so we can offer designs with different colours and effects.

Every time we look for and try on new leather, we test it in various aspects. We test the resistance, especially to water and time, we test the seal once cut, we test the effect of the seams and the yield on the final product.

After we decide how and what to make, the leather to produce the bags, for example, must be different, especially in thickness, compared to that of sandals.

Our artisans are masters in this and have a very careful eye, which is why our designers collaborate with them in the drafting and design phase.

Just as for a successful restaurant, the choice of primary materials is fundamental for us too, and this is why we choose only the best quality of Italian leather.

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