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Cressida from Pecora Dairy

Living the rhythm of the seasons.

Our last photoshoot took place in the green heart of the Southern Highlands, where Cressida Cains and her husband Michael run their sheep dairy farm and award-winning artisan cheesery: Pecoradairy.
This campaign photos portraits Cressida amongst the lush green of their 200-acre property, with her treasured ewes and in perfect connection with the surrounding nature 🌿

“I adore the diversity of the times of the year in our business. There’s always something different to do, no two days are the same. Now it’s the time when we wean the lambs on to fresh green grass. The milk is sweet and plentiful, and the sun makes the bush fragrant and vibrant.”

“Walking in the beautiful rainforest on our farm re-energizes me when I’m feeling tired or burned out.”

“Working with animals and the natural elements has endless challenges. I try to acknowledge what is beyond my control and not fight it.”

Explore the magic and sustainable world of Cressida