Pulcinella, the Story behind

Why our Sandals are called “Pulcinella” and what it is to us!

Together with Ciccio and Giovanni we made the very first pair of Pulcinella Sandals, our eyes met and all of us thought of the most famous mask of the Neapolitan tradition … Pulcinella precisely.

Our Pulcinella Sandals a Slippers type, made with intertwined and misaligned bands embroidered in leather and cord.

The black color, in contrast with the light/white of the rope, brings back, with a hint of fantasy, to the main colors of the Pulcinella mask, the traditional mask of the Neapolitan tradition … but who was Pulcinella?

This Mask is a classical stock character in Neapolitan puppetry.

In Naples, the Pulcinella mask has very ancient origins.

It appeared for the first time in 1300, when its name stood for “little chick” and was used to indicate a negligent and time waster. Subsequently, its origins were attributed to a local playwright of the art of the 1500s who, during his performances, used to wear a completely different type of mask from the one we know today; it is, in fact, a typical “half mask”, also called “wolf”, with a large curved nose, a face full of wrinkles and very small eyes.

These particular characteristics, together with a shrill voice, makes the mask more similar to a black chanterelle, from which the word “polleciniello” (in Neapolitan dialect) derives.

Pulcinella in Naples is “the symbol of the simple man who tries to face all his problems with a smile”

He is always contradicting himself, making fun of himself and being smart. In fact, it is difficult for him to remain silent: this is why the expression “The secret of Pulcinella” exists, to indicate a fact that everyone knows about.

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